Second Radio Electronics Technician (RET2)

Open: December 05, 2019 -- Close: December 19, 2019

Announcements and Applications
Position Description

The Second Radio Electronics Technician (RET2) is a civil service mariner (CIVMAR) employed by the Navy to serve the Military Sealift Command (MSC) onboard naval auxiliaries and hybrid-manned warships worldwide, in peace and war.  MSC exists to support the joint warfighter across the full spectrum of military operations.  MSC provides on-time logistics, strategic sealift, as well as specialized missions anywhere in the world, in contested or uncontested environments.  The Second Radio Electronic Technician is part of the Communications Department and stand watches under the supervision of the Chief Radio Electronics Technician (CRET). The incumbent operates and maintains the ship’s military communication suites. The incumbent will be required to fulfill the requirements set out below under some degree of guidance and supervision, which is expected to lessen as experience/training, is gained.  The incumbent transfers information by state-of-the-art technology using tactical/or commercial satellites on a global basis and traditional RF systems.  Operations are routinely performed within a battle group with specific circuits and protocol that must be utilized.  Complies with COMSEC (Communications Security) and cryptographic equipment requirements on both transmission and receipt of communication signals.    The incumbent will learn to operate, monitor and control information systems in support of worldwide telecommunications network.