CIVMAR Support Units

Important News

The CIVMAR Support Units, CSU-E and CSU-W (also known as the pools), mission is to support the Marine Placement team by ensuring the CIVMAR workforce is 100% ready for their next assignment and in doing so, increase MSC’s operational effectiveness and efficiency. It is a big mission that is critical for the success of the organization.

There are many initiatives that the Command is taking to improve the readiness and the work life balance for CIVMARs. One such item is the Virtual Pool Pilot (VPP) program. This program is currently being tested for COMMs, SUPPOs and MSOs- ONLY. We believe it will be successful, and we are diligently working to expand the scope of positions into the VPP but until it is 100% complete, it won't get rolled out to all other positions. Our hope is that full roll-out and implementation will happen soon. Stay tuned for fleet wide updates.

In the interim, CIVMARs who are not in the Communication roles, or who are not Supply Officers and MSOs, will check into CSU-E or CSU-W electronically from your cell phone or other internet capable personal devices while in one of the contracted hotels or who live within 50 mile radius from CSU-W OR within the Hampton Roads area of CSU-E. For reference, Hampton Roads area is defined as the following cities in Virginia and North Carolina: Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, Smithfield, Portsmouth, VA and Moyock, NC.

If you live in San Diego, CA, please check in and muster to CSU-W. If you live in the Hampton Roads area, please check in and muster to CSU-E.

CHECK-in Process and Requirements

BEFORE returning or checking into one of the CSU pools

Please ensure the following:

  1. Medical status is FFD or FFD/R Do NOT travel to any pool in a Not Fit for Duty (NFFD) medical status as you run the risk of not being able to check into the pool and/or hotel (even in cases where you are planning to provide documentation you think will make you FFD or FFD/R).
  2. The following credentials must be signed, have 6 months remaining on expiration and in your physical possession:
    a. U.S. Tourist Passport (blue)
    b. Merchant Mariners Credential (MMC) with STCW Basic Safety Training (BST)
    c. Medical Certificate
  3. If you live outside the 50 mile radius from CSU-W or the Hampton Roads area of CSU-E, please make a reservation within 3 business days of your arrival through
INITIALLY checking into CSU pool after training or returning from leave

Send initial check-in via email before 0730 to either [CSU-E]:(mailto or [CSU-W]: with the following:

  2. Include the following in the body of the email:
    a. Physical home address (If it has changed, please click here to find a Change of Address and Emergency Contact form and proof of new residence (examples of proof are on the form) to the following:
    b. Current physical location
    c. Personal cell phone number
After you have completed the above, CSU will reply stating your email was received with any missing items (if applicable). Please ensure you provide any missing items or information ASAP, OTHERWISE, you will NOT be officially checked into the pool and you will remain in an AWOL status until everything is received.


To be eligible for S&Q, your home of record must be outside the 50 miles radius from CSU-W or outside the Hampton Roads area of CSU-E AND you must be in the local area of one of the pools and/or in one of the contracted hotels.

If you are eligible for S&Q, please ensure your S&Q form is completely filled out and submitted to the respective CSU, you are officially checked into, no later than Wednesday each week for quick processing (please email the same coast each time - do not switch coasts): CSU-E S&Q: CSU-W S&Q:

Click here to obtain additional fillable forms such as S&Q, Travel Claim, CIVMAR Training Requests, etc. Also, please review the CIVMAR website for additional information such as Board Results, Merit Promotion & Coast Loan Schedules, updated NEO handbook, etc.

Obtain Your Government Credit Card


The application is located at and click on the Apply for a Card link under New Users. Then click on the appropriate link my organization provided me an Invitation passcode and Inviter’s Email to apply for a card:

Invitation Passcode: 42104 Inviter’s Email Address:

Then fill out the required fields for the application.

Please note approver 1’s email address is your supervisor (Marine Placement Specialist (MSP)/Detailer) email address.


Complete “Travel Card 101” training initially and refresher training every three (3) years at

Review/read, check off the boxes and sign and date the DD Form 3120, _ DoD Government Travel Charge Card Statement of Understanding (SOU) (add link to form). Send form to MPS/Detailer for signature and then send the signed form and “Travel Card 101” training certificate to and CC for processing.