CIVMAR Referral Program

Refer Future CIVMARs and Earn $500

When you are underway, it is important that shipmates work well together. Having trust in who you are working alongside truly helps establish solid working relationships. That is why we are asking our own workforce to help refer former colleagues, classmates, etc. to consider a career with MSC as a CIVMAR. This referral will not only help us meet our recruiting goals, it will hopefully also help meet the retention goals.

The Command is offering a referral bonus program to CIVMARs who refer skilled mariners who are hired. You will earn $500 for each individual you refer who is hired. The following positions are currently eligible for the Referral Bonus Program.

Positions FY23 Quarter 4
First Officer Pumpman
Second Officer Chief Steward
Third Officer Steward Cook
Able Seaman Chief Cook
First Assistant Engineer Cook Baker
Second Assistant Engineer Chief Radio Electronics Technician
Third Assistant Engineer Chief Radio Electronics Technician (IAT)
Deck Engineer Machinist First Radio Electronics Technician (IAT)
Unlicensed Junior Engineer Medical Services Officer


How does it work?

  1. The referral bonus program was signed into effect mid-July 2023. Anyone who applies on or after 24 July, for a referral bonus eligible position, will be asked to provide the name and email address of the CIVMAR who referred them. Tell them to enter your information.

  2. If they are selected for the position and hired, you will be paid in one installment $500 six months from the hire date.

The new employee must perform successfully in the job; specifically, the new employee must meet and maintain all conditions of employment for the position, retain employment within MSC for those six months and have not been issues an overall rating below 2.0 on a Mariner Advancement Program (MAP) Evaluation.

Questions related to the referral bonus program should be directed to and the referral bonus program coordinator is Ms. Dana Brown.


Any MSC employee is eligible for the referral bonus program who official duties do not include recruitment and who are not involved in any way in the selection of the referred individual. Specific exclusions include N1, N1X, and members of the Human Resources Community (all N11); members of the Marine Placement Division (N12); N13, N14, N15; and supervisors of the position(s) being filled.

Referring employees must be currently employed by MSC to be eligible for payment of the referral bonus award.