Training Request Form

CIVMAR Training Request form

MSC offers internal and external training opportunities to all CIVMARs in accordance with current MSC policy and requirements for specific ratings and ship class. Internal training opportunities typically include classes taught by MSC at one of our in-house schools, such as Fire Fighting and Small Arms. External training includes classes offered by the Navy, other government agencies, maritime schools and other commercial vendors.

All newly-hired personnel are required to attend mandatory training in Freehold, New Jersey or San Diego, California for three to six weeks of training. During this training, CIVMARs will receive Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 95 (STCW-95) required by the USCG and MSC specific training. All required training must be completed prior to ship assignment.

CIVMARs can request training by completing the following CIVMAR Training Request form CIVMAR Training Forms

Once the form is filled out and sent to, N1 Admin monitors this mailbox and routes the training requests to the applicable training specialist for review. The review process includes examining the SMS matrix for course application, checking course availability and reviewing the requested travel plan. The training specialist then forwards the request and amplifying information to the Marine Placement Specialist who reviews and approves or disapproves. The training specialist notifies the mariner and processes the request, if approved, by scheduling the training and if applicable, requesting travel via DTS. After completion of training, the training purchase card holder pays the tuition and obtains the completion certificate.

Training Specialist Areas of Responsibility

Training Schedules

Below are the links to the training schedules listed by training site or by specific ratings/special topics. Click the link for the schedule you’d like to view:

Reimbursable Training

MSC has a number of programs to assist CIVMARs in obtaining a higher level of credentials, such as USCG Licenses, Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC) and related endorsements. In some cases MSC may reimburse CIVMARs for this training. All training that will be paid for by the Command, or reimbursed to a CIVMAR must be approved before the class begins. CIVMARs are cautioned not to enroll in a course and expect reimbursement, unless they entered into an agreement with MSC beforehand. The instructions for Reimbursement of Professional Credentials Fees.

RUP Enrollment Application

Qualified Assessor

The USCG will require all officers who sign off STCW assessments to be Qualified Assessors. In order to continue to grow MSC’s internal pipeline, all officers should go through the National Maritime Center (NMC) process to become Qualified Assessors. In order to be approved, you must as a minimum:

All documents can be submitted to DCA Caroline Sturgeon at She will submit the documents and follow up with the NMC. This will not be an endorsement on your MMC, but it will be an approval letter that will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the NMC process. Any questions regarding the process should be directed to Caroline Sturgeon via the above email.