Policies & Instructions

MSC holds itself and all employees to high standards. Because of this, the Command mandates expectations for CIVMAR procedures, conduct, rights, etc. These policies and instructions are outlined below, please review the corresponding pdfs for more detailed information. 

MSC Policies & Instructions

OSC Poster – The Hatch Act and Federal Employee
OSC PPP Poster
OSC Whistleblower Poster
OSC Whistleblower Retaliation Poster
Establishment of New IA CIVMAR Positions v4 (4) Fleet Notification
Establishment of IA positions
Notification to Employee of Right to Union Representations in Certain Investigatory Interviews (Weingarten Right)
CMPI Orientation -  Hours of Work and Premium Pay
Failure to Maintain a Regular Work Schedule
S&Q Entitlement while Pending Disciplinary Action HR Advisory 2010-08010
Administrative Grievance System and Procedures
HRA 2013-3 Physical Requirements for use of Fall Protection Arrest System (PFAS)
HRA 2013-4 Coastal Transfer Program
HRA 2013-8 Food Service Career Path
HRA 2014-1 Compensatory Time off for Travel for CIVMARs
HRA 2014-1 CTFT for CIVMARs (Enclosure 1)
HRA 2014-3 MSC CIVMAR Payroll Conversion to DFAS
Proper Attire Notice