Mariner Advancement Program

The Mariner Advancement Program (MAP) consolidates all evaluations into a single system. The program does away with a multitude of different forms and systems uniquely used based on rank, department or coast. Because the MAP system uses only one evaluation format, mariners should find the system easy to use. An additional benefit of a uniform format management, and most importantly promotion board members, will be comparing apples to apples when considering multiple promotion applicants. Expected to retain five years’ worth of evaluation history, MAP will give management a long range view of mariners’ work performance, contribution and potential.

Recognizing there can be differences in rating tendencies amongst individual evaluators (some generous in giving praise while others are more measured), it is our intent to level the promotion playing field by using MAP.

Two mariners are involved in MAP evaluations: the mariner and his/her evaluator. A completed MAP evaluation will contain the evaluation, signed electronically by the evaluator, and the evaluated mariner’s remarks. (MAP provides space for official mariner input to the evaluation process.) These are accompanied by the mariner’s electronic signature, via the CAC card, to the digital evaluation document. Once electronically sent to MSC’s human resources and manpower directorate ashore, the electronic MAP evaluation is retained. This process ensures no surprises. What the mariner and his/her evaluator sign is final. Learn more about the MAP process via the MAP User Guide and Lessons Learned outline.

Based on a five-point grading scale (5-exceptional, 4-outstanding, 3-excellent, 2-good, and 1-unsatisfactory), mariners will be evaluated in four areas: technical (i.e. information such as would be tested for on a USCG exam), organizational (adherence to policy and working within shipboard/Command structure), general (such as initiative and judgment), and potential for assuming greater responsibilities. Read more about job specific attributes below.

MAP Evaluation Attributes

Comms Skill Attributes
DC Skill Attributes
Deck Officer Skill Attributes
Deck Unlicensed Skill Attributes
Engine Officer Skill Attributes
Engine Unlicensed Skill Attributes
Purser MSO Skill Attributes
Supply Skill Attributes