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There are many people at MSC who are standing by and ready to help. Please see the appropriate division for your questions or needs. Please contact the CIVMAR Support Center if you can’t locate the necessary point of contact.

Benefits Points of Contact

All Military Sealift Command (MSC) Civil Service Mariners (CIVMARs) who have questions about health insurance, life insurance, retirement, or Thrift Savings Plan, please call the Civilian Benefits Center line. 

Civilian Benefits Center Line

Hours: 0730-1930 EST, Monday through Friday
Phone: 888-320-2917
**TTY: **866-359-5277
**Email: **

Select menu option #4 to speak with a customer service representative. Please be aware during the month of December that the Benefits line call volume is typically highest 1000-1500 EST. If you call and are placed in a queue, please continue to hold until a customer service representative answers your call. You may also make your call outside the peak call hours.

The new DONHR website provides Department of the Navy civilian employees with comprehensive information and education tools. For recent information on retirement and benefits, all employees should bookmark the Benefits pages.

The Employee Benefit’s branch is located on Morris Street, Building K-BB 2nd Floor in Norfolk, VA. Call to make an appointment with a HR Specialist.

HR Specialist - Employee Benefits

**Phone: **757-341-6473, 757-341-6474, or 757-341-6475 **Fax: **757-341-6477

HR Specialist – Perform Management & Employee Benefits

**Phone: **757-341-6472

Supply HR Specialist –Work/Life Services

Contact MSC Work/Life Services Branch regarding Workers’ Compensation, Leave, Awards and DONCEAP

**Phone: **757-341-6471

HR Specialist – Drug Free Workplace

**Phone: **757-341-6476


24/7 Support. Confidential Counseling. Ship Visitation. Faith Based Resources Assistance. Suicide Prevention. Family Support.
Office: 757-443-3973
Cell (worldwide): +1 757-651-1926

EEO Points of Contact

EEO and Affirmative Employment Division (N02E)

Mailing address: Military Sealift Command
471 East C Street, Bldg. SP-47
Norfolk, VA 23511-2419
Attn: Code N02E E-mail Address:
MSC EEO Hotline: 757-341-3310
**Fax Number: **757-443-3083

Other Hotline Numbers

Department of Defense: 800-424-9098
MSC Inspector General: 866-836-6919 (waste, fraud, abuse, criminal activity)
Department of the Navy: 800-522-3451

Labor & Employee Relations Points of Contact

Division Head

Phone: 757-341-6459
DSN: -646-XXXX
**Fax: **757-443-6466

Supervisory HR Specialist (LER)

Phone: 757-341-6460

HR Specialist (LER)

Phone: 757-341-6461, 757-341-6463, 757-341-6464 or 757-341-6465

HR Specialist (ER)

Phone: 757-341-6462
Email: (Send all disciplinary actions, grievances, related inquiries, premium pay disputes to ensure that any correspondence you may send us is not missed or left unanswered.)

Marine Placement Points of Contact

Placement Directory

Medical Points of Contact

For any medical related inquiries, or to schedule medical appointments, contact the CIVMAR Support Center at:
757-341-4610, 757-341-4611, or 800-793-5784.

The MSO is the point of contact for questions from shipboard personnel regarding out-port physicals. CIVMARs ashore may contact the respective Force Medical offices: 

**East: **757-443-5760
**West: **619-524-9990

If you have been medically repatriated off a ship due to a work-related injury, you must keep MSC Medical updated as well as the MSC Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) staff. The OWCP representative is assigned based on first letter of the mariner’s last name:

**Alpha A-F: **757-341-6478
**Alpha G-M: **757-341-6475
**Alpha N-Z: **757-341-6474
Supervisor: 757-341-6473

Medical Documentation

For questions regarding the Medical Summary Form call:
866-827-4955 or 757-443-5760

To submit Medical Summary Form or other medical documentation, please use email or fax numbers:, 866-324-4955 or 757-443-5767

Medical Locations

DoD Clinic Locations
Federal Occupational Health Clinics

Marine Employment Division Point of Contact

Admin Support

**Phone: **757-443-2830 or 757-443-2823
**Fax: **757-443-2936
**Email: **

**Email: **

Deck Department

**Branch Head: **757-443-2826
Senior HR Specialist: 757-443-2828
**Senior HR Specialist: **757-443-1752

Engine Department 

**Branch Head: **757-443-2856
**Senior HR Specialist: **757-443-5837
**Senior HR Specialist: **757-443-5935

Supply Department

Branch Head: 757-443-2871
**Senior HR Specialist: **757-443-2858
**Senior HR Specialist: **757-443-2854

Travel Points of Contact  

Travel Request Submission:

TEAM A travel requests (Last Name A-Kelly)
TEAM B travel requests (Last Name A-Kelly)

CC the following email addresses on travel requests

Travel Voucher Submission:

Travel Voucher Questions/EFT Changes:

CIVMAR Authorization/Vouchers

TEAM A (A-Kelly)
Supervisor: Joesfina Martin, [], 757-443-2148
Lead: Kelvin Boyer, []; 757-443-2161
A-Brown, Jamal Kimberlyn Barr, [],757-443-3653
Granger, Lydia-Kelly Erik Gilliam, [], 757-443-5643
Brown, Javar- Dejesus, Nicanor Steven Flint, [], 757-443-3524
Del Fierro- Granger, Jonte -Patrick Reipe, [], 757-443-3800

TEAM B (Kemp-Z) Supervisor: Joel Mulder,, 757-443-2274
Kemp-Mitchell, Michael Keith Milo,, 757-443-2158
Mitchell, Miles- Reyes, Joey Corina Pellerito,, 757-443-2277
Reyes, Jordan-Teahen Cynthia Ferreira,, 757-443-2230
Techie-Z Stacy LeClair,

Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Activity Program Coordinator, Citibank issues, DTS Debt Management, DTS Compliance and Regulations:

ALL: I'Kia Hennings,, 757-443-2909
HQ STAFF: Ernest Williams,, 757-341-6021
MSC CIVMARS: Angela Lane,, 757-443-5644
MSC CIVMARS: James Tolbert,, 757-443-2161

Manual Travel Vouchers (TOM authorizations)/WinIATS Debt Management, Cash in Lieu:

Steven Flint,, 757-443-3524 Erik Gilliam,, 757-443-3610

Cash in Lieu submission:

Mail Travel Claims

Military Sealift Command
471 East C Street SP-64
Norfolk, VA 23511-2419

Fax: 757-443-2164

CIVMAR Support Center (CSC)

The CIVMAR Support Center (CSC) is committed to providing outstanding customer service and is a “one-stop” shop set up to assist all civil service mariners and their family members with help relating to:

  • Payroll
  • Allotments
  • Benefits
  • Worker's compensation
  • Training
  • U.S. Coast Guard licensing requirements
  • Promotions
  • Sea Service Letters
  • Medical scheduling
  • CIVMAR employment opportunities
  • Application procedures
  • And more...

You can contact the CSC with questions by phone or email 24/7! Please contact by calling 757-276-9519 or 877-CIVMAR-1. If you are unable to reach someone, please send an email or leave a voicemail and someone will be in touch with you. The full directory is here: CSC Phone Directory.

The CSC office is located on Naval Base Norfolk:

9276 3rd Avenue
Building LP-26
Norfolk, VA 23511

Walk-ins welcome to those with base access 0800-1700 EST

Emergency After-hours CDO

In the case of an emergency please contact the CIVMAR Support Center.

Customer Support Unit (CSU) West

Hours: 0700-1530 PST
Point Loma Naval Submarine Base
140 Sylvester Rd. Bldg. 215
San Diego, CA 92106 

For hotel reservations, email

Customer Support Unit (CSU) East

Hours: 0700-1530 EST
Naval Station Norfolk
Building SP-312
Norfolk, VA 23511

For hotel reservations please email