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CIVMAR Training Request Form
Training Request Form

CIVMAR Training Request Form

As you assume new levels of responsibility and ascend to new roles, MSC is committed to helping you along your path. We have compiled the following resources for CIVMARs who are undergoing training to advance their careers. Find information below to help plan or facilitate your next training program. 

Training Materials

Food Service Worker Self Study Guide
RFPNW Work & Record Book 2020
RFPNW Task Number Crossover Chart
TOAR Instruction
Towing Officer Assessment Record Workbook
RFPEW Assessment
Able Seafarer-Engine Assessment
Qualification for STCW Endorsements as Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch

Going From OS to AB

USCG NVIC14-14 Qualification for Endorsement as Able Seafarer-Deck
Ordinary Seaman Advancement Program
OSAP Flow Chart

Training Upgrade Programs

When shortages of specific ratings occur, a supervisor may recommend a CIVMAR to be selected for upgrade training. This training prepares CIVMARs to receive a higher endorsement to fill vacant positions by successfully completing the courses at specific training schools. Upgrade programs currently advertised include:

Ordinary Seaman Advancement Program

Wiper Advancement Program (WAP) 

Reimbursable Upgrade Program

Upon successful completion of an upgrade program, the CIVMAR must apply for the higher-level position utilizing merit promotion procedures.

Other Useful Training Links

CIVMAR Training Request Forms
Reimbursement of Professional Credentials Fees
Qualified Assessor Request Form