MSC Medical Forms

MSC Medical Summary Form

MSC is committed to a safe and healthy environment for all CIVMARs; therefore, we offer medical services to all full-time employees. Services include: surgical and hospital services and supplies needed for treatment of an injury as well as transportation for obtaining care. We hope you will take advantage of the medical benefits available to you, and you will read below for additional information on medical services and processes.

CIVMARs are responsible for arranging treatment for routine and chronic conditions with their primary care provider. The Medical Services Officer (MSO) aboard ship is available for urgent medical needs and arranging Occupational Health examinations based on your position, but it does not serve as your primary care provider. They do not treat or provide medications for any chronic medical condition.

All CIVMARs are strongly encouraged to have health insurance. You are encouraged to verify that your coverage includes overseas medical coverage and covers emergency expenses. Although MSC will ensure that medical expenses for work related injuries are paid overseas, if you need to be seen overseas for a non-work related medical problem, you could incur great expense or even risk not being seen, if you do not have overseas insurance coverage. You have 60 days from your start of employment to enroll in the Federal Employee Health Benefits program. Coverage will start on the first pay period after the enrollment form is submitted. See the FEHB advisor for more information.

Important Points

If you are notified that you are due for a physical or occupational health exam, these examinations will be paid for by MSC. Exams can be scheduled by the ship Medical Services Officer (MSO) or by calling the CIVMAR Support Center (CSC). You must bring your supplemental health record with you to the examination. If the periodicities align, MSC Medical examinations may be submitted to the USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) for renewal of USCG mariner credentials in lieu of completing the USCG 719K examination forms at your own expense. NMC may still require additional documentation at their discretion.

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If a medical condition occurs which requires you to be placed in a Not Fit For Duty (NFFD) status, you must submit supporting documentation to MSC Medical via fax or email. The fax number and email address are located at the top of the Medical Summary Form and on the Medical Points of Contact page. Follow-up Medical Summary Forms should be provided to MSC Medical on a regular basis (preferably at least monthly) to update your fitness for duty status. Based on the documentation provided by your health care provider, MSC Medical will determine if you are fit to return to duty. DO NOT assume that because your personal medical provider has marked “Fit for Duty” (FFD) that you will be cleared by MSC medical as being FFD. MSC Medical will determine if you meet MSC medical standards or whether more information may be needed from your provider. You do not want to have needlessly traveled to the CSU pool at your own expense only to find out you were not cleared by MSC Medical, and that more information was required or that you do not meet MSC Medical Standards.

Important Points

The out-port medical examination process enables you to obtain your required MSC examinations occupational at Navy Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) or Federal Occupational Health (FOH) clinics while at home on leave. The intent is to allow maximum flexibility in obtaining required medical examinations closer to your residence and allowing you to spend more time in a personal leave status. You have the option to complete your exam either while on leave or when you return to the CIVMAR Support Unit (CSU).

The Medical Services Officer (MSO) is responsible for ensuring each mariner is medically screened when reporting onboard and before departing the ship to identify what examinations, if any, are needed. Your physical examination may be scheduled before departing the ship and the MSO can assist you with scheduling or you can call the CIVMAR Support Center, 757-341-4610 or 757-341-4611.

If you have any supporting documentation from your own physician on any new health concern or existing chronic medical condition, please bring a copy to your appointment and have it forwarded with your physical examination to the MSC medical office. The CSU East Medical Office and West Medical Office are the centralized points of review for the physical examinations and making duty determinations.

There are certain aspects of the occupational medical examination which may not be done at FOH clinics. If you require an asbestos medical surveillance examination or an audiogram (hearing test) as part of the hearing conservation program, these examinations must be done at a MTF and not a FOH facility. A hearing test may be done at a FOH facility, as part of a routine physical examination, but may not be valid as part of the hearing conservation program.

Before departing the ship, the Master, Purser and/or your Department Head will remind you of your obligation to remain in contact with your Marine Placement Specialist (MPS). At the time you leave the vessel, you will be required to provide updated contact information (such as home address, telephone number, email address, cellular number, and/or fax number) to the purser for relaying to your MPS.

Many physical examinations done for MSC include lab tests requiring fasting specimens. When scheduling an appointment for a physical, ask if you will have blood drawn. Fasting requires that you eat no food for a minimum of eight hours, but preferably up to 12 hours, prior to having your blood drawn. You should drink no liquids (other than water) during this time but should continue to take all required prescription medication. Smoking and heavy exercise may affect your results as well so avoid them during your fasting period.

While attending the medical examination, you are placed in a full duty status with pay. The time you take to set up the examination and to make arrangements is not paid. Time and attendance will be maintained by your MPS and can be accomplished by phone, fax, or other specified means. Compensation and transportation costs to and from the nearest medical facility will be in accordance with existing joint travel regulations entitlements. Mariners who miss appointments or make untimely cancellations will reflect negatively upon you and the Command.

The MSO is the point of contact for questions from shipboard personnel regarding out-port physicals. CIVMARs ashore may contact the respective force medical offices:
East: 757-443-5760
West: 619-524-9929