Marine Placement

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2023 East Cost Pay Chart

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The Marine Placement Division has a multi dimensional role in the support of all Military Sealift Command activities. The team is responsible for supporting the Total Force Management team and helping ships with their personnel needs, but we are also here to help support the needs of the CIVMAR. As it relates to shipboard assignments, the placement team is working daily to make CIVMAR assignments to support fleet operations.

Knowing that CIVMARs are our biggest asset we are working diligently to help track, support the career paths of all CIVMARs. We are crafting content that will help provide easy resources to our CIVMARs, we wanted to start by publishing our CIVMAR Placement Division Directory.

This listing will have contact information for:

  • Your placement specialist
  • Your training team
  • Medical support staff
  • Contract hotel email and phone numbers
  • Travel claim POCS

The CIVMAR Support Center is also here to support you, but this will provide you with emails and phone numbers if you need to reach out directly.


CSU Check-In Process

You must be FFD or FFD/R prior to CSU check in

Both the CSU-East and CSU-West are no longer requiring physical check-ins, but you must be in the local area unless you are participating in the Virtual Pool Pilot (VPP) program . You must check in via email.

CHECK IN – Emails:

PASSPORT & CREDENTIALS – Must have in your possession complete and valid credentials including all required endorsements with a minimum four months remaining before expiration.


  • CHRONIC MEDICAL CONDITIONS – Submit Medical Summary Form by required date to:
  • PRESCRIPTIONS – have 6 months on hand
  • DENTAL APPOINTMENTS - Take care of dental appointments before returning to work

CSU will give you the muster requirements upon completion of the check in process. You can contact CSU at any time during normal working hours to check in.

Request Your Evaluations

Each CIVMAR needs to be on top of requesting your shipboard evaluations. These documents are important to your career advancement. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Request your evaluations in writing either annually OR when departing a ship.
  2. Once you receive it, review it thoroughly and comment. Do not sign your evaluation until you have reviewed it.

Things to know

Medically Compliant means you are Fit For Duty (FFD) or you have provided sufficient documentation to Medical for a Not Fit for Duty (NFFD) status. If your NFFD end date has passed and you have not submitted new paperwork to Medical to extend your NFFD status or receive a FFD determination, you are considered non-compliant and cannot be in an approved leave status.

If you have received a NFFD determination, your Placement Specialist does not automatically placed in an approved leave status. It is your responsibility to submit an OPM71 or a Leave Request Form for approval.