Third Officer

Open: 2023-06-12 -- Close: 2023-09-30

Announcements and Applications
Position Description

As directed/designated by the Chief Mate: (1) makes timely and frequent inspection of all lifesaving equipment onboard the vessel, including lifeboats, life rafts and associated securing devices, and any other equipment; (2) performance duties of CBR-Readiness Officer, provides direct input to the First Officer about CBR training and readiness of the vessel/crew to counter all threats; keeps informed on all matters concerning radiacs, the ship’s fire main system and any other material condition reports having a direct impact on the ship’s CBR status.

Assists with the timely and accurate update of the ship’s navigational publication library and electronic chart system under the direction of the Second Officer (W). Make chart corrections or post chart correction cards only with the permission of the Master and under the supervision of the Second Officer (W). Must be able to effectively use applicable shipboard software applications. Must be able to use, inspect, monitor all bridge navigation equipment using GMDSS. Must be able to properly communicate with radio telephone.

During at sea periods, (1) maintains the watch in accordance with USCG, COMSC, and the master’s instructions or standing orders; (2) ensures that the Watch is properly trained in standard helm commands and lookout duties and; (3) respond to a steering casualty scenario, a man overboard incident, ship’s security violation, and emergency maneuvering situations.

Maintains a proper lookout and an accurate ship’s position at all times while on watch. Provides the Master information immediately about ship’s position, course, and speed, using any and all means available. Adheres to the Collision (COLREGS) Rules of the Road unless directed by the Master or Commanding Officer to divert from one or more of them for military operational reasons. Unless directed by the Master, maintains a continuous radar/surface plot of all surrounding traffic to a scale appropriate to the traffic situation. During periods of restricted visibility, heavy traffic, any emergency or when in doubt, contacts the Master, providing him/her ample time to survey the situation and make an informed decision.

During in port periods conducts the watch in a proper and safe manner, including the safe and appropriate lighting of the vessel at night. Maintains a proper security posture, properly tended mooring lines; and, an alert, attentive gangway watch. Ensure accurate communications between the Deck and Engine Watch so as to remain alert for conditions of fire or flooding, or any incidents that may hamper damage control efforts. Perform duties consistent with Federal, Local and Command oil and environmental pollution regulations whenever fuel is being transferred during his/her watch. As a deck officer must maintain a proper uniform IAW CMPI.

Day to day responsible for entry of NARs/AINs as they are received. Management of NARs data base and hard copies of NARS / AINS. May be assigned as either AA&E Accounting Officer or AA&E Inventory Officer but not both. Must be able to take custody of AA&E including firearms.

Ensures continuing application of & compliance with EEO laws, regulations and policies. Carries out EEO policies and communicates support of these policies to subordinates.

Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position.

Performs other duties as assigned.