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Position Description

The Ships Master is in overall command of the vessel and has full responsibility for all matters pertaining to management of the vessel, operations, supervision of the crew, safe navigation, physical security and safety. The Master must possess the ability to make analytical decisions in a rapidly changing work environment. Through the utilization of senior managerial personnel aboard, (i.e. Department Heads), the Master monitors all daily operations as well as plans for future mission requirements. The Master ensures that all orders, instructions, government regulations and Command directives are properly executed and maintained. The Master is responsible to the Command and Program Manager for sound fiscal management and strict adherence to budget guidelines. The Master is the designated Disbursing Agent on T-ATF, T-ARS, Zeus, T-EPF, Prepo T-AKE and T-AH, T-AOE T-AO ships and those without a Purser. Masters should complete a DD Form 577 prior to their reporting for duty. The Master must be knowledgeable and familiar with a wide range of regulatory requirements, inspections and regulations, including CFR's, USCG, ABS, MSC, OPNAV, and NAVSEA Instructions. Responsible for the safety and security of the crew, cargo and ship, the Master shall ensure that the crew is trained in firefighting and damage control procedures as well as force protection. Ensures that all equipment associated with lifesaving, firefighting and shipboard security is available and in proper working condition. The Master is responsible for the proper planning, loading, stowage, and delivery of cargo. Provides oversight and planning for a wide range of mission requirements including UNREP, VERTREP, Cargo (Fuel, Dry Stores, and Ammunition) loading, transfer and discharge as well as towing and salvage operations. Ensures the ship's stability is properly maintained at all times IAW the vessel's trim and stability book. The Master is responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel, must be skilled in all facets of navigation and be able to manage and train bridge navigation teams. Through training and supervision of deck watch standing personnel, as well as the development of a “bridge team management plan”, the Master is to ensure that the vessel is operated safely within the guidelines of the Rules of the Road, safe navigation, prudent seamanship, and implement Operation Risk Management. The Master shall be familiar with the specific handling characteristics of the vessel, in all load conditions and operational situations. This includes heavy weather, docking/undocking, maneuvering in restricted water, underway replenishment and towing and salvage. The Master must be proficient in all aspects of underway replenishment, towing and salvage, cable laying and repair, special mission ops, and be knowledgeable and skilled in ship handling. The Master is required to interact with a wide variety of people, including operational Commanders, sponsors, crew, Foreign Military and State officials, port officials, office staff and unions. The Master must possess exceptional communication skills, both oral and written, to communicate effectively throughout the chain of command. The Master must be ready to represent both MSC and his/her command as well as act as a US Government Representative. The Master shall be familiar with reporting requirements unique to the naval operations (i.e. CASREPS, SITREPS, DRRS-N) as well as changes to those requirements dictated by operational commanders and ensure that all information is provided in a timely and concise manner. The Master must be knowledgeable and intimately familiar with Safety ORM, and SMS/QMS systems. As a steward of the marine environment, the Master will ensure that environmental protection programs are implemented, and that all anti-pollution regulations and laws are adhered to, and crew training is conducted as required. The Master shall ensure full compliance with all provisions for his/her vessel. As lead member of the Shipboard Management Team, as well as the fiscal manager for the vessel's operating budget, the Master shall ensure government funds are used in a prudent and judicious manner. The Master shall review the annual operating budgets provided to the vessel on a regular basis to ensure adequate funds are available to meet mission requirements and will immediately identify any potential shortfalls to the program managers. The Master shall ensure operations are conducted efficiently with due regard for budgetary guidelines and fiscal responsibility. The Master is responsible to see that the material condition of the vessel is maintained in a mission ready condition. The Master plans, organizes, and oversees ship's maintenance on an ongoing basis, identifies potential problem areas and discrepancies, and oversees corrective actions. The Master must demonstrate superior management and leadership abilities and must be familiar with a full range of applicable computer software operations. Carries out EEO policies and communicates support of these policies to subordinates. Ensures equality in determining qualifications, selections, assignments, training, promotions, details, discipline and awards to employees. Cooperates fully in developing and carrying out affirmative action efforts regarding staffing motivation and training to develop employees. Cooperates in the investigation of formal or informal discrimination complaints, ensuring expeditious actions. Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position. Performs other duties as assigned.