Unlicensed Junior Engineer

Open: 2023-10-02 -- Close: 2024-09-30

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Position Description

Unlicensed Junior Engineer works directly under the supervision of the licensed watch engineer that he/she is assigned to, or the First Assistant Engineer if he/she is a day worker. The Unlicensed Junior Engineer is responsible for making rounds of the engine room and outside spaces while on duty recording all plant temperatures, pressures, fuel meters, water meters, and revolution counters as designated by the engine room log book. The Unlicensed Junior Engineer makes rounds at a frequency designated by the Chief Engineer and the Watch Engineer. They will stand watches designated by the Chief Engineer. They report all abnormal conditions directly to the engineer on watch. The Unlicensed Junior Engineer will take tank soundings, test water, and operate evaporators to fill various water tanks as required. They will take readings on evaporators, fill out evaporator logs, and acid clean evaporators when needed. They will stand by main control station while maneuvering and assist the watch engineer with answering bells from bridge. In addition, they will perform maintenance and repairs as directed by the watch engineer. As a day worker, the Unlicensed Junior Engineer will perform various maintenance and repair work as directed by the First Assistant Engineer or his/her designate. They will assist in the taking-on and off-loading of fresh water, lube oil, fuel oil, and connecting and disconnecting all shore services. The Unlicensed Junior Engineer will know the locations and uses of all firefighting, damage control and rescue equipment in the engineering spaces. They will know the locations and how to operate all emergency remote shut down devices. The Unlicensed Junior Engineer will have a thorough knowledge of all casualty control procedures, main space fire doctrine, and rescue procedures. The Unlicensed Junior Engineer shall know all environmental protection and pollution laws. They will also have a thorough knowledge in the operation of all pollution abatement equipment. During underway Replenishment operations the Unlicensed Junior Engineer will perform all duties as assigned. Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position. Performs all other duties as assigned.