Third Steward

Open: 2023-10-02 -- Close: 2024-09-30

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Position Description

The 3rd Steward is directly responsible to the Chief Steward, Steward Cook for proper performance of preservation and cleaning duties in the dining areas and staterooms, bathrooms, passageways and common areas of the ship. The incumbent must have knowledge of all aspects of dining room service, including formal and informal settings; and cleaning and sanitation of dining and living areas. The incumbent will ensure continuing application of & compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, regulations and policies. The incumbent will also assist with the daily provisions on MSC civil service crewed ships.

Primary Responsibility of the 3rd Steward is to provide oversight of hotel services, train and supervise Supply Utility Personnel assigned to clean rooms which includes but not limited to the changing of linen, cleaning of the bathroom, removal of room trash, sweeping and swabbing the decks, etc. Additionally, the 3rd Steward is responsible for the training of personnel assigned and the oversight of all common use areas delegated to MSC Food Service via the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

Monitoring all dining areas (Crew, Chiefs, Officers, and Staff Officers when assigned) for the proper setup, breakdown, cleaning of tables, trash removal, deep sink operations, and replenishment of supplies. Monitor the operations of all sculleries onboard during the meals and ensure all machines are secured after each meal. Provide supervision on all Load-out of provisions, Transfer of provisions to another vessel, galley supplies, and daily breakout of food items. Requisition cleaning supplies and associated material required to accomplish daily sanitation requirements. Validate time and attendance of all Supply Utility Personnel. Document material condition of all areas assigned to MSC and provide the discrepancies to the Chief Steward or Steward Cook. Examples of discrepancies: lighting not working in stateroom #123 or Fan INOP in Stateroom. Train Supply Utility Personnel in the operation of waste management equipment when required and monitor all operations regarding waste as assigned to MSC Food Service.

Monitor all serving lines during meal hours to ensure service items (flatware, silverware, glassware, etc.) are continually restocked. Musters assigned personnel to UNREP duties. Under the direction of the Chief Steward, trains Supply Utility Personnel to identify safety issues, monitor sanitation events, monitor inventory teams for storerooms and inspects food service and hotel spaces daily. Prepares spaces for the MSO monthly sanitation inspections.

The 3rd Steward is responsible for preservation of the mess decks dining areas; standards of meal service; sanitation and cleanliness of all assigned spaces; afloat stateroom services; equipment safety and operations; and customer satisfaction.

The 3rd Steward must adhere to all principles of safety, sanitation procedures, and standards of personal hygiene IAW TRI-Service Safety Regulations (NAVMED P-5010). The incumbent must be able to comprehend written and oral instructions as well as carry out orders, and relay oral and written instructions related to the ships duties and safety practices without more than normal supervision.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Everything in this Position Description is considered an essential function of this position.