Boatswain Mate

Open: 2022-10-03 -- Close: 2023-09-30

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Position Description

Assigned to the Deck Department, a Boatswain-Mate is considered an all-around seaman whose duties are many and varied. Duties include, but are not limited to: Responsibility for serving as a team leader; the continued maintenance and operational readiness of all deck equipment assigned as well as tools and specialized gear; and for performing general maintenance, repair, sanitation and upkeep of material, equipment and deck department areas. Also may serve as a ship’s rigger and be able to take command of a lifeboat/liferaft crew during an emergency. Incumbent must be fully familiar with all approved safety procedures involving the movement, stowage, loading and discharging of cargo. Incumbent will be able to operate material handling equipment, power/air tools and be able to go aloft. When assigned as a watchstander at sea, works under the supervision of the deck department watch officer. In port, when not assigned a watch, the incumbent comes under the supervision of the First Officer.

As a team leader, actively participates in all on-going maintenance projects and ensures efficient and proper maritime procedures are utilized. Assists deck department supervisors in the training, directing and supervision of other deck department shipboard personnel that are less experienced in the fundamentals of their work.

When assigned to an underway replenishment vessel, will be in charge of an UNREP rig team. The incumbent must be thoroughly familiar with rigging, sending and receiving the various types of standard tensioned replenishment alongside methods, including but not limited star, traveling surf, single/double probe fuel rigs, and 2 ½ inch astern refueling rigs. As an UNREP rig Captain, ensures rig team is in uniform and outfitted with the proper safety equipment. Responsible for training and safety of rig team. For VERTREP operations, must be able to net and stage cargo, be familiar with SWL loads of HELO pendants, legs, and weight limitations of various types of helicopters.

Performs all operations connected with launching and recovering lifeboats, ships fast rescue boats (RHIBS), and motor whaleboats. The incumbent must be able to take command of a lifeboat/liferaft crew during an emergency. Incumbent must know the particulars of lifeboat construction, names of essential parts and required equipment, as well as the function and operation of various types of davits, cranes, and nautical terms and commands used in connection with launching lifeboats, RHIBS and liferafts.

Responsible for learning the location and use of emergency, lifesaving, damage control and safety equipment, and be proficient in use of the same. Ensures the initial and continued training of all other deck dept members and is responsible for knowing assigned duties at all drills as prescribed in the ships station bill.

Responsible for the continuous maintenance and operational readiness of all deck equipment assigned. This includes, but is not be limited to, outriggers, ground tackle, cargo gear, winches, associated rigging, as well as tools and specialized gear. Incumbent is familiar with all types of deck equipment onboard, and the entire range of mission readiness that is expected from your ship. Determines what materials, tools, safety equipment etc, that will be required and is responsible for the custody of any tools and materials utilized to perform the job. Ensures all machinery or equipment problems or safety hazards are reported and corrected to avoid any personnel or mechanical mishaps. Incumbent must be fully familiar with all approved safety procedures involving the movement, stowage, loading, discharging of cargo. When assigned to ammunition ship, must be familiar with ammunition handling procedures, classification of ammunition, stowage and safety. Ensures safety procedures and NAVOSH programs are enforced and followed, and must be thoroughly familiar with the Safety Management System (SMS) including the use of checklists. When on duty and not assigned to a watch, performs duties that pertain to the general maintenance, repair, sanitation and upkeep of material, equipment and areas within the deck department. May be required to raise, lower and spot cargo booms. The BM assists the First Officer in identifying deck items requiring repair, replacement of deck items, conditions of wires and lines etc. May be assigned a section of the vessel to maintain and preserve.

When assigned as a watchstander underway, the incumbent must perform lookout duties in a vigilant manner, reporting all ships, lights, land, fog, floating objects, etc. As a helmsman the B/M must be able to steer a steady course, understand navigational terms relating to heading and steering, and properly execute all rudder and helm orders. When assigned as standby/roving security the B/M will make a round of the vessel as designated by the standing orders, the incumbent shall check for fire, flooding, oil spills, etc. Particular attention is given to condition of cargo, cargo gear, underway replenishment rigs, lashings, shorings, and security of classified spaces, cargo holds and storerooms When assigned as to gangway watch, stands an alert watch and be in proper uniform to present a neat appearance. The incumbent shall request all persons boarding to show proper identification and allow no unauthorized personnel to board the vessel. Maintains the gangway and visitors log.

May serve as ship’s rigger. In this capacity, the incumbent must be proficient in splicing of wire cable and rope, the sewing of canvas; knowing the proper ratio of size of line or wire to block sizes; rules for breaking strengths and safe working loads. The types of purchases used onboard for cargo gear, and the rigging of stages and boatswain chairs for working aloft or over the side. When working aloft or over the side, the incumbent shall ensure all safety precautions and safety equipment is utilized. During arrivals, the incumbent assists in preparing mooring and heaving lines, rigging the gangway, operating capstans and winches and other duties as directed. During departures, the incumbent assists in taking in mooring lines, wires, fenders, operating capstans and winches, and all other securing for sea duties as directed. When anchoring, if required, the incumbent assists in the preparation of the anchors. When on anchor watch, checks the anchor chain to ensure the anchor is not dragging or the chain is fouled. Notifies the watch officer of ship anchoring or transiting close at hand changes in wind conditions of lights and takes soundings if required.

Must be able to use applicable software applications.

Must be eligible to have access to, handle and be qualified in small arms in accordance with OPNAVINST 3591.1.

Ensures continuing application and compliance with EEO laws, regulations and policies.

Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position.

Performs other duties as assigned.