Chief Steward

Open: 2022-04-20 -- Close: 2022-05-27

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Position Description

The Chief Steward (CS) is the head of the Steward Division and is responsible for all food service operations, and the management, sanitation, discipline, and training for up to 100 personnel within the Steward Division. The CS’s primary function is to assure that onboard food service operations meet the highest standards of preparation, production, presentation, fiscal responsibility and accountability for up to 1,200 personnel daily. Similarly, the CS is responsible for the maintenance of all physical spaces assigned to the Steward Division. FOOD PRODUCTION OPERATION: Responsible for the preparation of the MSC 35 day healthy heart cycle menus (NAVSUP 1090) for the Master’s approval based on healthy heart parameters. Responsible for the preparation of all culinary products served by following progressive cooking techniques, healthy heart parameters, approved recipes and instructions. PROCUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF PROVISIONS: Establishes endurance levels, based on both in port and underway periods, to the approved 35 day cycle menu. Economically procures provisions, through government sources, Fleet Logistics Center (FLC), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Prime Vendor, Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contracts and Combat Logistics Force (CLF), to meet standards of mess operations IAW established guidelines. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Must be able to effectively use a computer and applicable shipboard software programs, including Food Service Management (FSM)SHIPCLIP. Prepares the Food-Item Request and Issue Document (NAVSUP 1282) for all subsistence items issued to the galley. HOTEL SERVICE OPERATIONS: Responsible for posting operating instructions and safety precautions on all laundry equipment. Ensures standard solutions for washing, bleaching, scouring, and bluing, according to type and condition of the articles being washed, are utilized. Ensures all appropriate personnel are trained on the proper operation of washing machines, dryers, steam presses and flat iron works. SANITATION TRAINING: Responsible to ensure all food service personnel receive initial and 4 hour refresher sanitation training courses and documents training in food service personnel’s ship training folder. Ensures all food service personnel observe day to day personal hygiene and food handling practices. DIVISION OFFICER AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: Ability to prepare and submit Mariner Advancement Program (MAP) evaluations and/or recommendations regarding assignments of Food Service personnel to the Master/OIC, or designated personnel, as required. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of CMPI, DHAMS, EEO instructions and payroll guidelines. Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position. Performs all other duties as assigned.