Assistant Damage Control Officer - Medical

Open: 2021-09-01 -- Close: 2021-09-15

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Position Description

Assistant Damage Control Officer/Medical (ADCO/M) provides training, oversight, and shipboard medical support services. ADCO/M may be assigned to a MSC training center, with an Afloat Training Team, in a medical office, or at a field site. Duties shall include but are not limited to: conducting training and/or ship’s drills; developing and revising all aspects of medical, as well as, damage control and firefighting training courses, lesson plans, student and instructor guides, and other training materials; writing and interpreting drill reports with recommendations; providing technical advice concerning medical department functions; acting as safety observer during shipboard drill evolutions; repairing training and servicing medical training equipment, as necessary. ADCO/M report to a Damage Control Team Leader (DCTL). Candidates selected may be required to sail 30-45 days on annual basis during high relief request seasons and mission related exigencies. Incumbent assigned to support T-ARS and AT-ATF vessels may also be required to sail aboard those vessels as Medical Service Officer (MSO) when they are towing. When assigned aboard ship, ADCO/M come under the administrative supervision of the ship’s Master. Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position. Performs all other duties as assigned.