Able Seaman (M)

Open: 2022-10-03 -- Close: 2023-09-30

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Position Description

The Able Seaman (Maintenance) (AB(M)) is a day worker who works a basic eight (8) hour day, five (5) days per week in the Deck Department aboard ship both at sea and in port. The incumbent is under the direct supervision of the Licensed Officers, Boatswains and/or Boatswain Mates during regular operations and Boatswain Mates during UNREP and/or VERTREP evolutions. Although the AB(M) is a dayworker, the incumbent may be called out at any time when needed for UNREP or VERTREP operations, mandatory overtime or in emergency situations.

The incumbent performs general maintenance, such as chipping, scraping, soundings, priming, painting and/or cleaning of the ship’s hull, decks, superstructure, cargo gear, smoke stack, lifeboats, rescue boats and/or life rafts, emergency and damage control gear.

Be thoroughly familiar with the specific missions of the ship including but not limited to all forms of replenishment at sea (stores, fuel, ammo), vertical replenishment, and associated flight deck operations. Also the AB(M) is expected to function as cargo handling team, operating booms, cranes, elevators, Material Handling Equipment (MHE), and cargo securing systems in the cargo holds. May also be called upon for tank and or cargo hold cleaning and maintenance.

Performs traditional shipboard marlinespike seamanship. As ship’s rigger, duties include the splicing of wire cable and rope, swaging, as well as splicing synthetic and natural fiber line. Duties also include reaving and unreaving blocks and falls, overhauling and maintaining both standing and running rigging and the occasional sewing of canvas as well as a working knowledge of the proper ratio of line or rope size to sheave size, cargo loading, discharging, shoring and lashing, rigging cargo nets, slings, ladders, boat fenders, tricing pendants and gangways. The ABM shall also be thoroughly familiar with all types Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) in use onboard, proper stowage, proper use, and proper segregation and disposal. Must work aloft or over the side with a boatswain’s chair, stage, or man lift utilizing proper personal protective equipment.

Incumbent must be knowledgeable in basic first aid. The incumbent shall be responsible for knowing assigned duties at all drills as directed in the Ship’s Station Bill. May be expected to perform security force duties, maintain small arms qualifications and take other shipboard security training.

As a qualified lifeboat man may be called upon to take charge of lifeboat launching or assist as directed. May also be called upon to be a crewmember in the ships fast rescue boats (FRB) and rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB).
Responsible for securing of the ship for sea observing the highest standards of good seamanship and common sense.

Incumbent must have a complete knowledge and understanding of all line handling commands and be prepared to inform the Person in Charge of the line handling evolution of any dangerous situations that may be developing or existing, being immediately prepared to respond as directed.

The incumbent shall be responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the shipboard Safety Management System (SMS) and all environmental protection and pollution regulations commensurate with the vessel and duties aboard.

Expected to meet all the knowledge, abilities and expectations of the AB(M) as listed above. In addition, as a bridge watch stander, they will be thoroughly familiar with deck watch standing procedures. They must be a proficient helmsman and lookout. As a lookout they will put into use their knowledge of the rules of the road and bouyage system. As a helmsman, they are expected to know all helm orders and be able to steer reliably, including alongside other ships during underway replenishment. They must be familiar with the steering system onboard. They must be familiar with all bridge and gangway equipment alarms and responses. As a gangway watch, they will provide the primary security for the ship. Responsibilities and general duties may include:

a. Bridge and Gangway watches in accordance with the watch bill.

b. UNREP/VERTREP station and duties as assigned by the Cargo Officer or Chief Mate.

c. Emergency stations as assigned by the Station Bill or Chief Mate.

d. Docking/undocking station as assigned by the Chief Mate.

e. The work may include but not be limited to: Steering the ship, standing lookout, security rounds, gangway watch duties, wake-up calls, tending mooring lines & wires, rigging Pilot ladders, rigging gangways, dumping of trash, bridge and deck maintenance, dropping or hauling anchors, forklift driving, cargo operations, small boat operations, tank cleaning, and sanitation duties.

Must be able to use applicable software applications.

Ensures continuing application and compliance with EEO laws, regulations and policies.

Must be eligible to have access to, handle and be qualified in small arms in accordance with OPNAVINST 3591.1.

Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position. Performs all other duties as assigned.