Second Electrician

Open: 2023-03-06 -- Close: 2023-09-30

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Position Description

A Second Electrician performs/participates in routine maintenance, repair and operation of ship’s electrical system, machinery and equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, various types of switchboards, generators, motors, electrical deck cargo handling equipment, two and three-wire DC systems, and single-phase and polyphase AC systems found aboard ship ensuring proper use and safety procedures are followed. Performs general tasks such as replacing light bulbs, repairing ship’s electric appliances, greasing motors, installing new motor bearings and performing electrical safety checks of the ship’s and crew’s portable electrical equipment. Use of common power tools and light machine shop equipment (e.g. drill presses, pedestal grinders, arbor presses, solders, etc.) is required. Assists and participates in the safety testing and maintenance of portable shipboard electrical equipment, interpreting and complying with all environmental protection and pollution abatement regulations. Participates in fire drills and damage control drills, taking initiative to perform emergency drills as required. A Second Electrician reports to the Electrician/Chief Electrician and is directly responsible to the First Assistant Engineer. Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of the position. Performs all other duties as assigned.